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ENSOMBRA – High Quality Awnings installation Company

Ensombra is an awning installation company based on Malaga. Our main working area for high quality awnings is Marbella and Estepona. Please contact us to know all about our outdoor solutions specially sun sails installations, shade sails installation services, buy and sell big umbrellas, pergolas and outdoor living solutions.

We also can assist you during your design process to get the best solution for your project. Our technicians can do the structure calculations, special designs of textile architecture, patterning studies for your membrane designs, etc.

Are you looking for awnings that will offer shade as well as protection from hear and rain and can be installed over decks, patios, porches, doors as well as windows? Then you have come to the right awnings installation Company in Estepona. Avail high quality awnings installation in Estepona from us by browsing through various styles based on the serving purpose. They are perfect for residential as well as commercial areas and are designed in different sizes for fitting specific area; for instance have a look at high quality awnings for Terraces in Spain from here. If you opt for high quality awnings installations for home from us you will be able to keep your home temperature cooler along with reduce your electric bills and protect outdoor as well as indoor furniture from exposure of sun. Our professional installation team is well trained and experienced. So do not settle for anything other than the best as we sell and offer the best awnings installation in Marbella with highest service quality.

Why a sun sail?

· Simplicity and architectural elegance

· Wide variety of designs and shapes

· An economic system

· It adapts to all situations


Preliminary measures

During the first visit we evaluate the possibilities of the space to propose the best solution01

Structural calculation and form finding

A basic 3D model is proposed so that the client can visualize the final result of the installation in a virtual way

  • 1 WEEK

Poles and anchors production

After the approval of the design by the client, the elements of the structural system are sent to production

  • 1-2 WEEKS

Installation of anchors and final measurements

In this second visit, the definitive anchors are installed, whether poles, plates or rings, from which the definitive measures will be taken to manufacture the sun sail.

The final measurements of the sails are taken from the definitive anchor points.

  • 1 DAY

Sun sail manufacture

Production of the sun sail is sent to production from the definitive measurements

  • 3 WEEKS

Sun sail installation

We proceed to the installation of the sun sail

  • 1 DAY

The installation procedure may vary depending on the nature of the sun protection system. The awning installation process may be different from the tensioned sail installation. In case the sail system is installed in Marbella or Estepona we can find differences due to displacements. Before the entire project, a study of times and process will be carried out where the evolution of each awning installation system will be clarified. In any case, we always look for the highest quality for the installation of all our sun protection systems.

Quality sun protection systems

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