What are sun sails?

Sun sails or tensile sails are light installations used to create shade on a certain space.

These installations are composed by two parts: the structural elements and the fabric of the sail. The structural elements support the fabric through special conexions providing tension to the sail, so that it can perform a certain form.

Depending on the way we use it, design and materials, the sun sails can be permanent or temporary; waterproof or not, etc.

Below are some of their uses and characteristics:

Tipos de forma de velas de sombra


Torsioned sun sail

Squared sun sail

Multi vertex sun sail

Trapezoidal sun sail

Continious sun sail

Torsioned sun sail

Tipos de instalación

1 adosada
3 sobre pergola
2 aislada
4 paraviento


On pergola


Wind blooking

Tipos de anclajes para instalaciones de velas de sombra

poste a suelo v3
poste a a pared v3
anclaje v2

Ground anchored pole

Wall anchored pole

Direct anchor

Usos característicos de las velas de sombra

sun sail terrace
sun sail square
sun sail pool
sun sail restaurant
sun sail park
sun sail carport

Sun sails in terraces and balconies

Sun sails in public squares

Sun sails in pools

Sun sails in restaurants and business

Sun sails in parks and gardens

Sun sails in carports


toldos sombra
Soltis 92
desde €/m265+ IVASerge Ferrari fabric non waterproof with 95% opacity
  • Poliester core
  • PVC covered
  • Waterproof fabric available
  • 95% opacity. Thermal protection and visual comfort
  • Outdoor resistance and UV rays
Soltis 86
desde €/m260+IVASerge Ferrari fabric non waterproof with 80% opacity
  • Poliester core
  • PVC covered
  • Waterproof fabric available
  • 80% opacity. Thermal protection and visual comfort
  • Outdoor resistance and UV rays
Commercial 95
from €/m229+IVAGale Pacific non waterproof with 89% opacity
  • HPDE
  • Check our waterproof fabric options
  • 89% opacity. Sun protection and visual comfort
  • Outdoor resistance and UV rays
  • 10 warranty of color damage
from €/m219+ IVASun sail BASIC ensombra waterproof and non waterproof fabric options
  • HDPE
  • waterproof and non waterprooof
  • Standard dimensions: 3.60x3.60 m; 5x5 m; 6x6 m; 3x4 m; 3.5x5 m; also custom dimensions available


colores toldos



What is included in your quote?

These are all elements that comprise your installation


They are the elements that transmit the efforts of the fabric to the ground or to other rigid elements. It is the part of the installation that guarantees the stability and safety of the whole. They could be posts, wall or floor anchors, footings, slabs, etc … Any installation of solar protection systems in Marbella includes this item.

Sun sails HARDWARE

They are the connecting elements between the structure and the fabric. They are made of special stainless steel to resist marine exposure. They could be: tensioners, rings, rings, cables, etc. All installation of tensioned shade sails in Marbella include the need for these elements.


They are the material that makes up the candles. See section on shapes, uses, models and colors. Most of the tensioned sails in Marbella use natural colors in their designs as a way of integrating into the environment.

Installation WORKING HOURS

This is the cost of installation labor, measurement labor, and structural design and calculation. The installation of shade sails in Marbella is a specific job that requires the intervention of qualified professionals for its installation.

Contact us to learn more about your shade sail installation project. Our team of architects and engineers will help you get the best shade sail installation solution in Estepona, Marbella and Malaga. It is important to know that we are a shade sail installation company in Estepona and Marbella with extensive experience in the field of shade sail installation. We only use high quality materials and fabrics for our solar shading system installations.